Compagnoni Vacanze - Lago di Bolsena
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COMPAGNONI HOLIDAYS’ houses are immediately out of Piansano village, in the Tuscia and in the places of Maremma of Lazio, an ancient territory of the mysterious Etruscans.

In PIANSANO there is an old town centre on the rock and there are some shops to buy what is indispensable. During the year some feasts and festivals are organized such as the sheep-farming one, on the first Sunday of October in occasion of Our Lady of the Rosary ;on this day you can taste some cheese and the renowned Tortello Piansanese.

Just near FIOCCHINO centre there is a homemade dairy which produces every kind of sheep cheese ; if you arrive there in time they will offer you a taste of ricotta cheese.
If you want to visit our surroundings, you have got lots of options, within a range of a few km from Piansano. 

If you love the lake environment in a few minutes you can reach the Lake Bolsena by car or by bike.
CAPODIMONTE is the closest village; it has got a beautiful beach and some points for boats and “pedalò” rental firms, and then it has got some shops for your souvenirs, some ice cream parlours and some restaurants. There is a boat for guided tours to go to the two islands of the lake, the Bisentina island and the Martana island, where Queen Amalasunta’s tragedy happened. The sailing club organizes some sailing courses and some championships in summer and in winter leaving from the port. People can do a lot of other sports, too. They can do some long walks, go canoeing, swimming, windsurfing, fishing.. in every village of the lake you can find these entertainments.
MONTEFIASCONE, town of the Magnificent father-master of Rossini’s Cinderella and territory of the Est! Est!! Est!!!, town indicated with emphasis by the servant Martin to the Bavarian prelate Joannes Defuc and town that organizes a lot of events attached to the wine especially in summer.
MARTA village does the same, because it is renowned for the Cannaiola wine and for its restaurants based on fish ; you cannot miss a visit to the old town centre, to the fishers’ suburb and, on 14th May, the exuberant Barabbata’s show.
BOLSENA, on the opposite shore of our side, is remembered for St. Christine’s miracle and it gave origin to Corpus Domini customs ; the village has got a beautiful old town centre with a remarkable cultural interest for its ancient medieval settling. Just in front of the shoreline there is a riding track where you can book some riding excursions and spend some pleasant and relaxing moments in the uncontaminated nature, in which all this area is immersed.

From Montefiascone and from Bolsena you can go to Orvieto, an ancient Etruscan town, near the sacred Fanum Voltumnae, which stole to Bolsena the copyright of the Eucharistic miracle in the late Middle Ages and which built for our joy the Cathedral masterpiece.
After the unfailing visit to the local handicraft little shops, you cannot miss the appointment with St. Patrice’s well and the Vie Cave.

Moving from Piansano towards the sea, you can meet Tuscania, a particular town because it is completely built in tuff, where you can visit some Etruscan rock necropolis and some impressive Romanesque churches such as St. Peter and St. Maria Maggiore. In the fascinating old town centre surrounded by walls, built in defence of barbarian invaders, there are a lot of restaurants and pizzerie which offer you some dishes regarding ancient tastes. Then it is interesting the season at the Rivellino Theatre with its wide and heterogeneous repertory.
From Tuscania you can go on towards TARQUINIA, in the heart of the sunny Maremma. You can go towards the Beach (Lido) in the salty waters refreshment and then under the dry tamarisks and the shady pinewood, or in the town, you can admire some ancient Etruscan and medieval monuments. The last three Kings of Rome came from Tarquinia and they refined these warriors’ customs.
Palace Vitelleschi Museum and Monterozzi Necropolis take care of some valuable treasures and the Etruscans’ secrets.
Going on southward, towards Civitavecchia, there is the port of embarkation for Sardinia, while if you go northward you can arrive to Porto Santo Stefano and look at oleanders lines. Here you can eat some excellent fish, you can go up to Passionisti Priests on Mount Argentario or you can sail for Giglio or Giannutri islands, if you have got Crusoe’s syndrome.

Going to Vulci Park it will be a particular day; it is an isolated park between CANINO and MONTALTO DI CASTRO. The Abbey Castle with its historical successions and the Devil Bridge with its daring structures, testify two thousands years of life. To enlarge this suggestion, Archaeotrekking lovers will go along the Decumano Massimo visiting the Great Temple and the Cryptoportico Domus, they will arrive to the Eastern Door to go towards Ponte Rotto Necropolis where there is the monumental François Tomb, just after crossing Fiora River. Going up again along the river on an infernal basalt stone pavement, you can arrive to little lake Pellicone and then under the Devil Bridge arch, even if you will be overcome by exertion and by strong emotions. It is necessary to be in someone’s company.

It is the provincial capital and once Popes’ town, with its San Pellegrino area, Villa Lante and lots of attractive shops and trade poles. Both in the city and in the surroundings there are some thermal baths; some of them are organized such as Terme dei Papi, and others are opened to everybody and they are very fascinating such as the Bulicame and the Bagnaccio; this one is remembered by Dante Alighieri in his Divina Commedia, canto XIV Inferno, and for this reason it is worthy of being visited. The city shows its greatest brightness on 3rd September, in occasion of Santa Rosa’s festivities; in her honour the “Macchina”, a votive image, about 30 metres high, is carried by some men in an impossible way along a street maze. This is a unique show all over the world!

From Piansano you can arrive in less than 2 hours to Rome, Jules II’s city, or Siena, Duccio’s city.

All over the Tuscia gastronomic specialities are very appetizing… From Monti Cimini’s hazelnuts, to some wines, to fish or to the mushrooms when it is their season.. And how can you miss the lombrichelli (handmade fresh pasta only with flour) or the acquacotta soup with bread and vegetables? What about some cakes with ricotta cheese and cinnamon and the fabulous tozzetti? Don’t miss the occasion to taste these typical dishes; some feasts and festivals are some excellent opportunities to do this and these ones are in spring with asparagus; in summer with gnocchi or lentils, in autumn with mushrooms and chestnuts. You can drink some wine in every occasion. In a chronological order the last festival is in Canino, with its olive oil, incomparable on toasted bread.

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